Why was Gistlover Arrested? Who is Gistlover?

Gistlover and three bloggers, accused of cyberstalking, stand up to capture by the Nigeria Police Power, and the debate heightens as Gistlover questions the charges, considering them unjustifiable, and scrutinizes the police for apparent unprofessionalism.

For what reason was Gistlover Arrested?

The capture of Gistlover and three bloggers, Adebukola Kolapo, Nnedum Somtomchukwu, and Isaac Akpokighe, originated from allegations of cyberstalking and contribution in the Gistlover blog, referred to for exercises like affectation and extortion.

The Nigeria Police Power, following up on a request, confined the suspects, claiming their association with an organization called the “Gistlover family.” Gistlover, in any case, excused the capture as ridiculous, provoking the police to give proof and condemning them to saw unprofessionalism.

The bloggers assumed key parts in the making of Gistlover pages, cyberstalking, and tax evasion. Gistlover countered the police story on Instagram, considering the capture a “big joke” and communicating certainty that the lawful cycle would uncover reality.

The clashing viewpoints feature the discussion encompassing the capture and the continuous debate among Gistlover and policing.

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Who is Gistlover?

Gistlover is a questionable Nigerian blog known for distributing contentious tales about the confidential existences of big names. The blog has acquired consideration and created conversations via online entertainment stages.

The character of the proprietor of Gistlover was at first obscure, prompting hypotheses and reports. Nonetheless, insightful writer Kemi Olunloyo uncovered the face and name of the blogger, Mary David Onaichenen, who is accepted to be the proprietor of Gistlover.

It is important that Gistlover has confronted analysis and legitimate dangers because of the idea of its content, yet the proprietor has figured out how to sidestep claims and keep up with obscurity. The blog keeps on being dynamic and has a critical following via web-based entertainment stages.

For what reason was Gistlover Arrested – FAQs

1. What explicit claims prompted Gistlover’s capture?
Gistlover and three bloggers were blamed for cyberstalking, impelling, and contribution in unlawful exercises like coercion.

2. For what reason did the Nigeria Police Power confine Gistlover and the bloggers?
The police followed up on a request, claiming the suspects’ association with an organization called the “Gistlover family.”

3. How does Gistlover answer the capture?
Gistlover excuses the charges as outlandish, moves the police to give proof, and scrutinizes them for saw unprofessionalism.

4. Which jobs did the three bloggers play in the Gistlover pages?
The bloggers assumed key parts in making Gistlover pages, participating in cyberstalking, and being embroiled in tax evasion exercises.

5. What is the Gistlover story on Instagram with respect to the capture?
Gistlover considers the capture a “big joke” on Instagram, communicating certainty that the lawful interaction will uncover reality.

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