Winneba SHS @70: I walked a proud Winnescan

I would like to congratulate Winneba Secondary School, on the event of its 70th anniversary. We have come this far, from when a private individual, Mr. Dowuona Hammond, established the school, to when I turned into a glad student, to now as I praise the school that molded my life; we have absolutely come this far.

I left Winnesec in 1994, as a business student, and as a pleased individual from Nkrumah House. As a result of the second bunch of the then education reform program (JSS/SSS), I had acquired total six with nine ones, and this was when students getting the base degrees of differentiation were phenomenal.

Clearly I had the chance to have decided to go to any of the purported driving optional schools in the nation – regardless of whether in Accra or Cape Coast. My dearest companions and teachers, and well-wishers, firmly restricted to me choosing Winneba Secondary School as my first decision, however I persevered, contending that I am from Winneba, and Winnesec is my pride.

I strolled the halls of the school, under the absolute most noteworthy tutors, for example, Mr. Yankson, Mr. S. O. Larbi, Mrs Grace Ansah, Mr. Dadze Bondze, and some more. In the year 1994 while I was getting ready to leave the school, I turned into the beneficiary of two significant scholastic honors, IBM, and Cost Accounting, with English as my untouched most loved subject.

My most noteworthy motivation while a student, were Professor Kwesi Yankah, and Mr Nyane, the then Assistant Headmaster in-charge of Administration. Prof. Yankah was then composing the Woes of Kweitriot. I read him each and every week, regardless he remains my scholarly legend, to the degree that I took after his style when I took the Simpa Panyin as my section.

Mr. Nyane scarcely showed me, yet he once in a while came to class to offer exhortation. Amidst the strength of Ga talking understudies and staff, Mr. Nyaney was one individual who constantly made me feel good and glad that I was a Winnebarian. On various events he had really communicated in the Effutu language with me.

I left Winnesec a glad child of the deer. I was one of the main nine students,out of the more than 200, who qualified to enter the university, even with what got known as the Harry Sawyerr Mass Failures of the first and second groups of the SSS framework.

After entering into the University, I became the founding organizer of Winneba Old Students Association (WOSA) on the University of Ghana grounds. The University of Ghana showed me a valuable exercise, as an expansion of Winnesec, and the University of Education, Winneba, where I acquired my MPhil, gave me the remainder of all what I expected to confront the world.

After joining Barclays Bank of Ghana, Kojo Fynn, the current WOSA President, turned into my moment motivation. He worked with the Standard Chartered Bank.

I have since become a business person, with various ventures, for example, Challenging Heights, NYCE FM, CH Coldstores, CH Block Factory, Run-Off café, and some more. I have likewise since had various worldwide arrangements, including leading sheets abroad, just as those connected to the United Nations, for example, turning into the Commissioner of the United Nations Global Financial Sector Commission.

I state all these with estimated modesty, yet in addition in pride, that while I took motivation from those before me, my words should turn into a decent vitality for the individuals who may yet walk my means, and out of here, with regards to the holy deer.

The Winnesec experience has been one of the best piece of my grown-up life. I have consistently been guided by the objectives of the males and female students of Winnesec, my Alma Mater deer, and never have I overlooked that Disce Ut Labores Pro Patria.

I am pleased that despite the enticing chances to have gone to other well-respected schools, I picked Winneba Secondary School, and I effectively state, that, giving the opportunity, I will pick Winnesec again and again the same number of times as the open door is given me.

I am a glad Winnesecan, and I am profoundly appreciative that I strolled the methods for the dads who preceded me; Disce Ut Labores Pro patria!

James Kofi Annan

Staff Writer

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