Young M.A. & Barber Respond After Recent Haircut Video Sparks Health Concerns: ‘Just Send Your Prayers’

Young Master She raised concerns about her health on Tuesday (March 14) after she shared a video her stylist posted to her Instagram Story. In response to the viral interest, MA and Fat da barber She made statements about her appearance recently.

The clip shows MA nodding to the background music as being fat It gives a 360-degree view of its new collection. It spread quickly across social platforms. Fans became concerned with her visible bald patches between her residents and her deep yellow eyes.

Some people accused Barber of recording MA With bad intentionsothers made jokes, and he sent lots of prayers and healing rapper-style.

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As we reported, Young MA and Fats responded to the criticism on their Instagram Story on Wednesday.

“You guys have so much to say as if I was trying to embarrass Dougie she just retweeted my video. If she didn’t want me to go on the record she would have told me you don’t know our relationship nor our friendship just send her prayers for her and that’s it,” Fats wrote. da barber.

MA and Fats did not explain why the rapper needed to pray. However, al-Hallaq continued his public response by revealing that M.A. She hasn’t had a haircut in over a month – a schedule she later corrected.

“…she wanted me to bring her haircut back to life and that’s what I did!!!! Thank you sis for coming and swinging with me as always. Love ya,” Fat added.

Within an hour of Fats’ message, the rapper retweeted it to her Instagram Story — encouraging Barber to ignore the criticism.

“We’ve been blessed not to let that take hold of the blood [fingers crossed emoticon]…and I told you it was like 4 months [laughing emoticon},” the rapper wrote.

Twitter Reacts To Video Of Young M.A. After A Recent Haircut

Though she admitted to not receiving a cut in over four months, Fats posted a promotional clip of her on March 4. It’s also unclear when it was taken. However, in that video, the rapper’s eyes are not yellow, but it’s difficult to tell if there’s any hair loss.

As explained, the reactions to M.A.’s recent appearance sparked various reactions. Several folks called for privacy– pointing to the social commentary surrounding Chadwick Boseman’s weight loss in the weeks leading to his passing. However, we later learned that the weight drop resulted from his private battle with colon cancer.

Some fans have made assumptions about the artist’s health, including claims of jaundice and drug use. But a large majority have called for folks to mind their business and allow the rapper to reveal her health status on her own time.

Fans Discuss Young M.A.’s Documented Battle With Depression And Alcohol Abuse

As fans try to decipher what’s going on, some have taken to M.A.’s past interviews, including sharing a clip of her 2018 talk with a therapist published by Viceland.

In the interview, she talked about losing her brother, who was killed by a fellow gang member, and about her music.

“I’m here for inspiration and I know that and I get it now because music isn’t just music. It’s deeper than that now and I’m learning that now. Before it was just something I loved, something I drank from, something I wanted to do,” the rapper said.

In June 2021, Young MA revealed that she was self-checking into rehab for an unspecified addiction. At the time, she captioned a photo, “Mab I’ll be back… Botha lose this addiction… On my way! for rehabilitation.”

In December 2022, a woman shared a video on social media of an MA using a scooter in a grocery store. At that time, the video had millions of views. In addition to recognizing her in the clip, fans matched the jacket she wore at the grocery store to previous photos of the rapper wearing the same coat.


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